The Global Food Security Consortium (GFSC) is a worldwide initiative centered at Iowa State University.  Our vision of creating food security for the world involves looking at every step of the food value chain.  GFSC’s focus is on innovative, interdisciplinary research, education and engagement programs across six major platforms: Germplasm and Seed Systems; Climate Resilient Healthy Crops; Climate Resilient Healthy Animals; Sustainable Water Systems; Post-harvest and Utilization; and Policies, Regulations and Trade.  We have created an open network of experts to research solutions to this great global challenge; drawing together experts in the field and also stakeholders who bring a different perspective, from other sciences and the arts, to help us think outside the box.  Within and across each area of research, we will discover new science, transfer the technology, educate future leaders, and achieve our results.

Our systems approach - from seed to feed focuses on the entire food value chain.  To achieve food security in the world we must also achieve seed security, crop security, animal security, farmer household security and community food security.  Our systems approach includes water issues and post-harvest issues.  We are working to solve all issues along the food cycle.  This full system approach including plants, animals, water and people will help us feed the world.