Feeding the World

In the United States, 35 million people are hungry or don’t know where their next meal is coming from.  At least 13 million of these are children.  Worldwide, this number grows to 842 million.  As the population continues to grow, the grand challenge, both scientifically and ethically, is to provide sufficient food and nutrition for all, while protecting our natural resources — the foundation for our food advances.

A major step forward in addressing food security is what the GFSC does — bringing together diverse researchers, students, faculty, and industry personnel from multiple locations and disciplines to address a common goal. No single person, entity or institution is going to be able to solve this problem alone.  We must work together to discover ways to overcome these challenges and connect the research with people who can implement and scale it. We believe GFSC and its partners are able to make such a contribution.

Future of Food Security

  • New scientific advances are needed to double food production over the next 40 years while minimizing environmental impacts
  • Requires strong, sustained public support and funding for research and extension of our food systems
  • Science adopted by farmers should result in safe, wholesome and affordable food that is produced with minimal environmental impact
  • We believe the Global Food Security Consortium has an important role to play in this future and the future of food security