Global Food Security Consortium Collaborative Research Grants Request for Proposals

Global Food Security Consortium Collaborative Research Grants

Request for Proposals

Deadline: September 15, 2014

The Global Food Security Consortium (GFSC) is a worldwide initiative centered at Iowa State University.  Our vision of creating food security for the world involves looking at every step of the food value chain.  GFSC’s focus is on innovative, interdisciplinary research, education and engagement programs across six major platforms: Germplasm and Seed Systems; Climate Resilient Healthy Crops; Climate Resilient Healthy Animals; Sustainable Water Systems; Post-harvest and Utilization; and Policies, Regulations and Trade.  We have created an open network of experts centered at Iowa State University but including many other universities and centers to research solutions to this great global challenge. GFSC draws together experts in the field and also stakeholders who bring a different perspective, from other sciences and the arts, to help us think outside the box.  Within and across each area of research, we will discover new science, transfer the technology, educate future leaders, and work to improve food security worldwide. For more information about GFSC, please visit our website:

GFSC is accepting proposals for collaborative interdisciplinary research on topics of global food security.  Outcomes of the funded research projects should be new preliminary research data useful for grant applications for future funding.  Three proposals, not to exceed $20,000 each, will be funded.


Open to anyone.  Each principle research team must consist of one ISU faculty member and one GFSC member. Current member list:


Grant applications (1 inch margins, 12pt font) should include the following information:

  1. Cover page with title of project, names/departments/affiliations of authors/co-authors and complete contact information for the principal and co-principal investigators.
  2. Summary (not to exceed five pages) that includes a description of the research and expected outcomes, collaboration efforts, impacts on global food security issues, potential for future funding, and agreement to future collaboration with GFSC .
  3. Itemized budget (not to exceed $20,000) including all estimated expenditures.  It should be clearly stated who will do the work.  Travel costs are allowable if necessary for collaboration.  International travel is excluded unless prior approval is received from GFSC.  No Gold Sheet is required.
  4. Biographical information: A curriculum vitae (not exceeding three pages) for each investigator must be provided.
  5. Deadline and submission instructions: Please submit applications electronically (in PDF format) to Amy Pilcher ( by 5 pm CST September 15, 2014.


Recipients of GFSC grant funds are expected to submit a written report by June 1, 2015 detailing their research progress.

Recipients of GFSC grant funds are expected to acknowledge GFSC in advertising, news releases, printed programs, and other promotional and publicity materials.  Verbal acknowledgement should be given at any event or at interviews with the news media. 

Recipients of GFSC grant funds agree to submit any further grant or funding requests on this research topic in collaboration with the GFSC.