Long-term goals and intellectual focus

The Global Food Security Consortium promotes a culture of interdisciplinary and innovative research, education and engagement programs. We bring together Plant Science, Seed Science, Climate Science, Soil Science Engineering, Economics, Sociology, Animal Science, Immunology, Veterinary Medicine, Food Science, Engineering and Social Sciences to direct our research activities towards plant and animal genetics and genomics; develop crops and livestock that are more heat-stress and climate resilient; discover genes that confer resistance to specific diseases; and develop effective plant and animal genotype/vaccine combinations for production systems in Iowa, the U.S. and the world.

Food security requirements can only be met by combining sustainable crop and livestock systems. Both plants and animals provide the way out of poverty for many poor smallholders. Proper crop and livestock production systems must control disease and meet the challenges of climate change. Diseases emerging or endemic to developing countries also represent a serious threat.  Prevention is our first line of defense against disease in our modern agricultural systems.

Our goals include building an intellectual core on global food security at Iowa State University that will extend its Land Grant mission to the world. To quote Dr. Norman Borlaug (Nobel Peace Prize, 1970), “the first essential component for social justice is adequate food for all mankind”. Iowa State University and the affiliated partner institutions can and must bring these prophetic words of Dr. Borlaug into fruition.