Food security begins with quality seed, the delivery vehicle for new technology to improve yield.  Seeds are genetic powerhouses, supplying micronutrients for physical and brain development, and are engines of economic growth.  Seeds were central to the green revolution led by Dr. Norman Bourlaug, who is credited with feeding a billion people.  We are rekindling this transforming power of seed science, technology, and systems to bring about a second green revolution by overcoming barriers to accessible, available and affordable quality seed.  These barriers include inadequate education, poor human capital development, disjointed policies, lack of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, non-existent business training, and gender inequities.

The Seed Science Center at Iowa State University is a recognized center of excellence and has conducted programs in 80 countries in the last 12 years.  The GFSC will build on this network of experts and expertise and in collaboration will new partners address the research needs for a sustainable, resilient, and productive seed industry to develop and function and make quality seed available to farmers.