Water is crucial to food security.  Crops, livestock and people all need water to survive and grow.  Access to good quality water is important for agriculture. Both physical and economic water scarcity can lead to negative outcomes related to health and agriculture productivity.  GFSC is working on ways to improve access to water and ways to produce more food with less water.  Innovative technologies are required to improve crop yields, implement efficient irrigation strategies, develop ways to reuse water from various sources, and to ensure the best use of available water resources. 

By 2050, food production will  require twice as much water as it does today.  Enormous effort is needed to reduce water demand and improve water use efficiency.

Some of the areas that need focused research are:

- Water efficiency
- Reuse of Wastewater
- Water Capture and Storage
- Saltwater uses
- Saltwater intrusion
- Scalable and sustainable solutions

GFSC has partnered with research experts at the Nebraska Water Center to address water issues that impact food security.